Answered By: Claire Townsend
Last Updated: 29 May, 2024     Views: 9

Our ebooks are provided by several different publishers on different platforms each one will work slightly differently depending on the publisher settings.



It is possible to download most ebooks. Some may do this chapter basis in a PDF format, others you will be download for specific amount of time and some you will be able to download fully. 

If you cannot see an option to download it is not possible for that title because the publisher has prevented this option.  If this is the case you will only be able to read it online.



Generally, you can print 10% or a chapter (whichever is the greater) of an ebook. 

However, each ebook provider can set individual limits on the amount of pages you are allowed to print out or download under their licence.  The printing limits will be clearly marked when you access the ebook.



If you are having trouble accessing an ebook it might be that the publisher has restricted access to only a few or sometimes only one user at a time. If this happens a message will pop up on the screen you may be asked to try again later, or you may have the option to place a reservation just like you would with a printed book. 

An ebook may also be available through a different provider, to check this find the title on Library Search and click the Alternative Links options underneath the View eBook button.

If you are unable to access an eBook title get in touch and we will look into it further.