Answered By: Claire Townsend
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The Library does not have dedicated prayer facilities, however, there are prayer spaces on campus:    


Multi-Faith Prayer Space in MLK
This is a resource for all students and staff, regardless of religion. Chairs, cushions, and mats will be available for your use. Please note that this is the only dedicated multi-faith prayer space in the MLK Centre and is not segregated into male and female. Full details can be found on the webpage.  


Islamic prayer space in the Students’ Union     
There are separate prayer rooms and washing facilities for Aston’s male and female Muslim students. They are located at the far end of the SU building on the ground floor. 

If you have any queries regarding the Student's Union facilities please contact                                                                                                 

Islamic prayer space in the Main Building
The separate male and female Islamic prayer rooms in the main building are on the 1st floor and are MB163 and MB183. Near the North wing, look for Lift H and stairs and then turn left through 2 sets of doors for Sister's room and right, through two doors, for the Brother's room.