Answered By: Emma Hollinshead
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In addition to purchasing copies of ebooks from our suppliers, the Library has signed an agreement with Kortext, a digital eTextbook provider, to provide students with access to digital copies of key titles, where possible. 

This means students will have access to an eBook version of the book via the Kortext reader which can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device


Where can I find Kortext books?

You can find Kortext eTextbooks in two ways:


How do I get access to a Kortext eTextbook?

Once you have found the book you want:

  • Click on the Kortext eTextbook link for online access
  • You now need to choose your institution - type Aston University into the search box
  • Choose Aston University OpenAthens
  • You should now see the University login page - type in your University username and password

Why am I being asked to register?

  • If you are a first time users, or you don't have a current Kortext account you will be prompted to register via a simple pop up box.
  • You will be asked to confirm your university / institutional email address and create a new password (different to your Aston University password) to access the content the first time you access any Kortext content.
  • Once the account has been set up the book will be on your user bookshelf for access.


How long can I use a book from Kortext?

All books are available for offline reading for the duration of our subscription


Can I read the book offline?

Yes.  Once you have downloaded the Kortext app you will be able to read the book offline


Can I print off parts of the book if I need to?

Yes you can.  Generally there is a limit of 10% set by the publishers. The Kortext platform will state clearly how many pages you have left in your print allowance for each book you have used.


Help and Support

If you have any questions about Kortext or are having problems getting access please feel free to contact us on or via our LiveChat.  You can also get further detailed information from the Kortext online support pages.


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